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Weed & Pest Management

Weed Management

The best way to have a weed free lawn is to have a consistent and well balanced fertilizer program in place. This will promote a thick lawn which in turn prevents weed establishment. Our lawn programs include fertilizer applications which will encourage and maintain a thick lawn. For more info visit our lawncare programs section.

Fiesta, which is a post emergent liquid weed control, can also be used to help control and suppress many of the common broad-leaf weeds found in lawns. Our lawn programs combine fertilizer applications with Fiesta applications which give you the best weed control methods available in Ontario.

Insect Control

White grubs, Chinch bugs, and bill bugs are some of the more common lawn insects which can cause significant turf damage if left unnoticed. If you observe dry or sunken patches in your lawn that do not respond to frequent deep waterings, your lawn may be suffering from an insect infestation. If this is the case promptly contact one of our turf specialists to discuss your lawn, and Al’s Lawn and Garden will provide options to prevent further damage.

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