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Sprinkler Systems

Watering your lawn is essential for optimum turf health. Al’s Lawn and Garden can design and install a lawn sprinkler systems which will efficiently and economically water your lawn for years of dependable and trouble free service. We offer spring start ups and mid season check ups to make any adjustments or repairs necessary to ensure your system is running properly.

We also provide a winterization service commonly known as a “blow out” which removes water from your sprinkler system using a high volume industrial air compressor. This economical service will prevent damage from water left to freeze in the sprinkler system’s pipes, heads and other and valves to eliminate costly and unnecessary repairs.

All our systems come with an automated controller to start and stop your system any time you wish. Put the frustration of dragging heavy and kinked garden hoses back into the shed. Let an automated sprinkler system give your lawn the water it needs to be the greenest lawn on the block.

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