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Seed & Sod

Looking to add instant curb appeal to your property? Tired of looking at that weed infested lawn? It may be time to invest in a beautiful, thick and green, lush sodded lawn.

Sod continues to be a solid investment and provides instant results which add up to complete customer satisfaction. Whether it’s a residential or commercial property, the experts at Al’s Lawn and Garden can provide you with lawn sodding services. Our crews take the time to properly grade and prepare your site for correct drainage and optimum sod results. We always use the best #1 sod available which is guaranteed to enhance any outdoor space.

Should I Seed or Should I Sod? That is the Question

At Al’s Lawn and Garden we prefer to over-seed a lawn when our goal is to rejuvenate an existing lawn. This service can be cost effective and practical and provides beneficial results in these situations.

If we are installing a new lawn we prefer to sod the lawn because it produces consistent results.

Although seeding a new lawn is initially less expensive it unfortunately and rarely provides satisfactory results.

This has not always been the case. Whenever you seed a new lawn you will get weeds, from one degree to another, even if you did everything right. Weed seeds are simply everywhere, and will germinate faster than grass seeds. Years ago, when this occurred, you would allow the weeds and the lawn to germinate and grow together. After the area had been cut a few times you could then simply apply a weed control which would kill the weeds and allow the turf to get the upper hand. However this process is no longer available due to the Ontario wide ban of cosmetic pesticides. This being said there are situations where seeding will still be the most cost effective way to establish a lawn, particularly in larger settings where sod costs would initially be too expensive.

We can and will continue to provide seeding services to our customers. However, we feel it is our obligation to inform our customers the pros and cons of seeding and how the Ontario pesticide ban has negatively affected the success of turf establishment when using grass seed.

Note: Seeding in the fall rather then spring usually provides slightly better results because there is less competition from weeds and crabgrass. We also provide a hydroseeding service in the Chatham Kent area which is a method used for seeding lawns and promotes quick grass seed germination.

For more information, please refer to our hydroseeding area.

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