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Lawn Renovations

Al’s Lawn and Garden is built on a solid reputation of providing cost effective and beneficial lawn renovation services in the Chatham Kent area for over 30 years. Over time your lawn will require some help to keep it healthy, vigorous and strong. If your lawn is beginning to look tired and thin, it may be time for a turf renovation or makeover.

Full Renovation

The extent of the renovation will be dependant upon your lawn’s overall condition. If the majority of the lawn is full of weeds and weed grasses, a full renovation may be in order. This type of renovation involves the removal of the existing turf and is then replaced with #1 sod. This type of reno is generally labour intensive. However, the results are satisfaction guaranteed! We can do the front yard, the backyard, or both. Whatever your situation we can get the job done!

Note: Keep in mind if you decide to go with a full renovation now would be a time to consider the installation of a convenient underground lawn sprinkler system. Dragging hoses and leaving the sprinkler left on can be a thing of the past. Call the office today to recieve a quote on a trouble and hassle free automatic sprinkler system.

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