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Al\’s Lawn and Garden provides hydro seeding in the Chatham-Kent Area. This service is primarily used when other turf establishment methods such as sod are not cost effective or practical.

Hydroseeding is a planting process that involves a slurry of water, grass seed, fertilizer and processed bales of mulch. This slurry is created and mixed in a tank that is mounted on a truck or trailer and transported to the job site where it is sprayed over the area to be seeded. The fibrous mulch contained in the slurry accelerates the growing process by maintaining moisture around the seeds, thereby increasing germination.

Keep in mind that proper watering of seeded or hydroseeded lawns is vital to the success of seed germination. Please refer to ‘How to Water’ in our FAQ section. More info about seeding a lawn is found in the seed and sod section

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