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Over time our lawn’s soil can become compacted. Heavy soils such as clay or lawns that experience high foot traffic are more prone to soil compaction. This compaction prevents the movement of air, water and fertilizer down to the roots. This in turn reduces the roots ability to provide nutrients to the rest of the grass plant, resulting in poor plant health.

At Al’s Lawn and Garden we have machines called core aerators which reduce soil compaction. These machines pull a small plug of soil from the lawn allowing your grass to effectively absorb nutrients resulting in vigorous turf growth. These small plugs are generally left on the lawn where they will quickly breakdown and act as a natural topdressing.

Please note: Rolling lawns in the spring can result in soil compaction. Al’s Lawn and Garden does not provide this service for that reason. However if you do have your lawn rolled it is highly recommended to follow up with a core aeration.

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