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Sod Installer Tilbury

For over 30 years Al’s Lawn & Garden have served the Tilbury area, providing professional Sod installation services. If you are tired of looking at a tired, thin, and patchy lawn that requires weeding, the installation of our quality sod products instantly adds appeal to your property.

Our quality sod installations provide instant results. From residential to larger commercial properties, our expert sod installers are able to provide advanced service, grading and preparing the site before installation for proper drainage so you see maximum sod growth.

Nothing Is Fresher Than A Newly Sodded Lawn

Continuously proven to be a solid investment, sod installations assist both home and business owners in Tilbury and beyond. At Al’s Lawn & Garden we proudly use the highest quality sod products to ensure your outdoor space looks its best. Our sod installations allow you to enjoy a lawn that is easier to maintain for years to come.

Choosing A Sprinkler System Installation

Keeping your newly sodded lawn healthy means multiple watering session each day until your new sod has settled and is fully rooted in. With our automated sprinkler systems, you are sure to keep your lawn well watered at all times, making day to day life easier for you. We provide everything from your basic portable sprinkler systems to professionally installed sprinkler systems throughout your grounds, with our personable staff ready to provide you with options to keep your sodded lawn thriving.

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Our expert sod installation team is on hand to tackle your Tilbury Sod installation needs promptly and professionally. We offer advanced sod installation services to Tilbury and the surrounding area.

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