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Lawn Spraying Wallaceburg

Al’s Lawn and Garden are your local Wallaceburg experts with over 30 years experience providing lawn spraying services! Having a thick and full lawn is the best way to protect against weeds and crabgrass. As they need elbow room to grow, weeds and crabgrass avoid thick lawns, which is why it is key to ensure your Wallaceburg lawn is sprayed with fertilizer so it grows green, lush, and full, preventing the growth of weeds and crabgrass.

Lawn Spraying Simplified

With lawn spraying, routine applications should be administered throughout the year, ensuring your Wallaceburg lawn is thick and flourishing. The most cost effective way to ensure your lawn reaches its full potential is choosing one of our lawn spraying programs, available throughout Wallaceburg and beyond, giving you full peace of mind as you know your lawn is being properly cared for, without any work from you!

Balanced Nutrients For Your Lawn

Our lawn spraying services in Wallaceburg use only premium granular fertilizers to spray our lawns, dispensing three key elements: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potash. Critical for maximum turf health and growth, these nutrients are a crucial component. We provide our lawn spraying services with precision, using the correct amount of fertilizer on a proper schedule. Our healthy approach to lawn spraying provides the best chance for the success of your lawn.

Find Your Lawn Spraying Package Today

If you are local to Wallaceburg and are ready to optimize your lawn health, let us tackle all the hard work for you. Our expert lawn team is always ready to provide customized lawn spraying packages to you.

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