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Lawn Spraying Blenheim

Al’s Lawn and Garden provides professional lawn spraying services, serving the Blenheim area for over 30 years! Avoiding weeds and crabgrass begins at having a thick and lush lawn. With weeds and crabgrass, they need room to grow and struggle inside of a thick lawn, which is why it is important to spray your Blenheim lawn with fertilizer, promoting a healthy and full lawn and avoiding pesky weeds and crabgrass.

Effortless Lawn Spraying

Routine lawn spraying throughout the year is the ideal path to a thick lawn, creating an environment that allows your Blenheim lawn to reach its full potential. Joining one of our lawn spraying programs, available to Blenheim and beyond, is the most cost effective way to achieve a thick lawn. Give your lawn a boost and have confidence in knowing that your lawn is being taken care of by professionals, without any work from you!

Needed Nutrients For Your Lawn

Using premium granular fertilizers when spraying lawns in Blenheim, we ensure our lawn spraying services dispense three key elements: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potash, as these key nutrients are an important factor in lawn health. Dispensed on an optimized scheduled, we complete our lawn spraying services by ensuring we use the ideal amount of fertilizer, as this lawn spraying approach is designed for you to enjoy the best chance for success.

Select A Lawn Spraying Package Today

If you are finding it is time to start taking better care of your Blenheim lawn, we are ready to do all the heavy lifting for you. Our professional team is able to present our lawn spraying packages to you.

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