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Lawn Care for Ridgetown

We are on hand to provide for all of your lawn care needs in Ridgetown and beyond, whether you require detailed lawn care, full lawn renovation services, or even basic lawn cutting. We always provide expert lawn care services, whether cutting, fertilizing, overseeding, or tending to a freshly sodded lawn, ensuring our Ridgetown customers always receive reliable, thorough, and professional lawn care products and workmanship.

Quality Lawn Cutting

With top quality lawn cutting machines we achieve excellent results, and our blades are sharpened daily to ensure a premium cut. We offer our lawn cutting services to any industrial, commercial, or residential properly, including apartment buildings, luxury townhouse condos, hospitals, and municipal properties found throughout Ridgetown, giving your lawn and landscape the care and attention it needs to stay healthy.

Premium Lawn Fertilizing Results

If you are seeking the most cost effective way to achieve a thick lawn, a well balanced lawn fertilization program is key, as our lawn programs are tailored to provide this balance. Using granular fertilizers containing nitrogen, phosphorus, and potash, essential nutrients for a Ridgetown lawn to thrive, we are experts when it comes to caring for your lawn.

Upgrade With Seed & Sod

Are you dealing with a difficult weed infested lawn? Get ready to invest in a thick & green sodded lawn. Providing repairs to your site for proper draining, our lawn-care crews work hard for premium sod results. Guaranteed to enhance your outdoor space, we always use the best sod available.

Versatile Lawn Renovations & More

Al’s Lawn and Garden has developed a solid reputation of providing cost effective and beneficial lawn renovation services to the Ridgetown area over the past 30 years, built on a foundation of hard work and dedication. Keeping a healthy lawn requires time and effort, and if your lawn is starting to look tired, a lawn renovation or complete makeover can make a huge difference.

Providing a range of lawn care services throughout Ridgetown and beyond, we also offer lawn aerating, sprinkler installations, weed management, dethatching, and hydroseeding. Whether large or small, we can assist you with your lawn care needs in Ridgetown. Phone us at 519-352-4955 and enjoy a no-obligation quote.

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